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          hoo虎符交易所科技經過長期的誠信服務,與 hoo虎符交易所艾默生、E+H、西門子、福祿克、本特利、康普艾等知名品牌廠商建立了緊密的合作關係,成為國內過程行業引進先進技術和產品的高速通路。我們致力於以科技融合工程技術,鍥而不舍、追求完美,為工業企業提供創新解決方案。對於過程營運管理人員來說,不僅麵臨降低成本、增加產量、減少能耗和排放、提高安全性等壓力,同時還麵臨著過程運營複雜性日益增加及智能化程度提高的壓力。因此越來越多的客戶和公司選擇與我們合作,這不僅是因為我們的專業化服務態度,更重要的是我們能夠與品牌商一起將最新的產品和技術幫助客戶規劃和改善運營。


Zoner established in 2009, it provides process automation equipment installation and technical innovation solutions to many of the most successful companies, is an excellent provider for renown brands of process control area.  Zoner is  located in Xiamen which is Special Economic Zone,  with branch offices in Shanghai and Wuhan. We serve industries like power, environmental protection, Metals, chemical, oil & gas, food & beverage, and alternative energy.

With a proven track record of reliable services over time, Xiamen Zoner has built intimated relationships with Emerson, E+H, Simens, Fluke, Bently, and Compair. We have become a super highway for the introduction of advanced technology and products to processing companies located in China. We are committed to brings technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions to customers in the industrial. Running a process operation means constant pressure to cut costs, increase output, reduce energy use and emissions,  and improve safety-all while managing increasingly complex operations with improve intelligence.  That’s why more and more customers, turn to us not only we have the professional services, but also  we rub shoulders with manufacturers to help them plan, implement, and support their operations.

With the advent of industry 4.0,  the internet of Things is creating more opportunities to develop technology solutions that can collect and analyze data. Zoner will keep the power of innovation as always,  to help exiting production facilities to extract more value from existing assets and improve operational efficiency.




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